What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Home Videos’ and ‘Yardie’

Jerrod Carmichael’s short, quiet documentary is streaming on HBO platforms. And Idris Elba’s directorial debut hits Amazon.

HOME VIDEOS Stream on HBO platforms. A quiet, cinéma-vérité documentary shot with a solitary film camera isn’t the kind of project one would expect from a stand-up comic like Jerrod Carmichael. With “Home Videos,” Carmichael presents 30 minutes of candid conversations between himself and some of the women in his life in his hometown, Winston-Salem, N.C. They touch on topics like blackness, feminism and relationships. The goal, Carmichael recently told The New York Times, was to have honest conversations. “No performance for the camera,” he said. “Me and you, we’re here. Let’s see what happens.”

WEED THE PEOPLE (2018) Stream on Netflix; rent on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu and YouTube. In the 2008 documentary “The Business of Being Born,” the filmmaker Abby Epstein dived into American motherhood and home childbirth. Her latest documentary, “Weed the People,” also involves the very young; it tells of instances in which medical marijuana was used to fight pediatric cancer, making a case for further research and arguing that legal red tape is preventing potential medical breakthroughs.

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