Whale Is Found Dead in Italy With 48 Pounds of Plastic in Its Stomach

More than 48 pounds of plastic, including disposable dishes, a corrugated tube, shopping bags and a detergent package with its bar code still visible, were found inside a dead sperm whale in Italy, the World Wildlife Fund said on Monday.

The whale, a young female, washed ashore in Porto Cervo, a seaside resort in the north of the Italian island of Sardinia. It was also carrying a fetus “in an advanced state of decomposition,” the fund said.

This was the latest in a grim international collection of whale carcasses burdened by dozens of pounds of plastic trash.

Last month, a whale was found dead on a Philippine beach with 88 pounds of plastic in its body. More than 1,000 assorted pieces of plastic were discovered inside a decomposing whale in Indonesia in November. A sperm whale died in Spain last year after being unable to digest more than 60 pounds of plastic trash.

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